Giving a try to Octopress as a blog engine
21 August 2013

This blog was running on Wordpress. And I hated it.

Writing an article was really not funny, especially when I needed to include some code!

In 2013, what’s the best way to write down text and code? Markdown!

So I gave a try to Jekyll first, and it was quite nice. But then I stumbled upon Octopress, and given that is a real blog engine, I switched. I had to rewrite all the previous article into Markdown, and it was fast!

So right now I’m loving it. Especially the fact that I can write drafts anywhere using a text editor, that anybody can submit pull requests through Github to fix an article, and that my articles are finally in a standardized reusable format on my hard drive.

It’s fair to mention the not funny parts though:

  • You need to install ruby, rvm, and many things. Because of OS X, zsh and stuff, I got stuck and frustrated :(
  • With Octopress, you need to work on a source branch, not the master branch: there’s a rake deploy command to publish to master
  • It’s not that easy to work with themes, plugins, …