The PHP-DI edition

As explained in the dependency injection documentation, Silly can work with any dependency injection container.

However in order to provide an easy way to get started we provide a "PHP-DI edition" that is already configured with the PHP-DI container.


$ composer require mnapoli/silly-php-di


Thanks to PHP-DI's autowiring capabilities you can define your commands in classes:

use Symfony\Component\Console\Output\OutputInterface;

class MyCommand
    public function __invoke($name, OutputInterface $output)
        if ($name) {
            $text = 'Hello, '.$name;
        } else {
            $text = 'Hello';


$app = new Silly\Edition\PhpDi\Application();

$app->command('greet [name]', 'MyCommand');


PHP-DI will automatically create a new instance of MyCommand when the greet command is called.

Dependency injection in parameters

You can also use dependency injection in parameters:

use Psr\Logger\LoggerInterface;

// ...

$container = $app->getContainer();

$container->set('dbHost', 'localhost');
// Monolog's configuration is voluntarily skipped
$container->set(LoggerInterface::class, DI\object('Monolog\Logger'));

$app->command('greet [name]', function ($name, $dbHost, LoggerInterface $logger) {
    // ...


Dependency injection in parameters follows the precedence rules explained in the dependency injection documentation:

  • command parameters are matched in priority using the parameter names ($name)
  • then container entries are matched using the callable type-hint (Psr\Logger\LoggerInterface)
  • finally container entries are matched using the parameter names ($dbHost)