Things I’ve built

These are the projects I’ve built over the years. Some are open-source, some are paid products or SaaS, many more exist only on my hard drive (RIP).

  • Bref

    The open-source framework to create serverless PHP applications.

    10B requests/mo

  • Bref Dashboard

    Simple, beautiful and intuitive dashboard for serverless developers.

    macOS/Windows/Linux app

  • Lift

    Expanding Serverless Framework beyond functions using the AWS CDK.

    1k+ MAU

  • Serverless Compose

    Multi-service deployments in Serverless Framework.

    500+ MAU

  • Serverless Framework v3

    The latest major version with a CLI redesign, with a new "stage parameters" feature.


  • Serverless Visually Explained

    Interactive serverless course with concrete use cases and examples.

    400+ readers

  • 7777

    CLI tool that simplifies connecting to AWS RDS databases from a computer.

    160+ users

  • PHP-DI

    Open-source dependency injection container for PHP.


  • Serverless PHP newsletter

    A monthly newsletter about serverless for PHP developers.

    1.2k subscribers


    Web UI for the PHP #internals mailing list, designed for readability.

    10k visitors/mo
    100k messages

  • Madame Yams

    Strategic async multiplayer game. Built with PHP on Lambda.

    50 MAU
    20% retention at 3 months

  • return true to win

    Puzzle game for PHP developers, running on AWS Lambda.

    1M invocations