The following projects are either open source or non-open source projects I created and maintain.


Lift is a plugin that leverages the AWS CDK to expand the Serverless Framework beyond functions.

Lift helps deploying serverless websites, queues, webhooks and more.

Serverless Lift

Serverless Visually Explained

Serverless Visually Explained is an online course teaching developers about serverless.

I packed this course with concrete use cases and examples on how to create robust and scalable applications using serverless on AWS.

Serverless visual course


7777 is a CLI tool that simplifies connecting to AWS RDS databases from a computer.



PHP-DI is a dependency injection container for PHP applications. It aims to make dependency injection simple and practical.

The project started in 2012 and is now widely used, being installed more than 80000 times per month.



Bref is a PHP framework for building serverless PHP applications on AWS Lambda.

Read the article about how it works if you want to learn more.


Serverless PHP newsletter is a monthly newsletter about serverless technologies targeted at PHP developers.

It is meant to be a high level overview of what's happening with serverless and what it means for PHP.

Serverless PHP news is a web interface for the PHP #internals mailing list. It fetches emails using the NNTP protocol-sm and displays them as threads in an interface designed for readability.

It is built to be optimized both on the backend and frontend, with the search implemented using Algolia.

Externals - PHP's internals mailing list


Couscous is a command-line application that turns Markdown documentation into beautiful websites.



Silly is an open source micro-framework for PHP CLI applications based on the Symfony Console.

Silly is a puzzle game for PHP developers to discover weird PHP behaviors.

It runs entirely as a serverless PHP application on AWS Lambda and DynamoDB, which works really well even when it gets a bit of traffic.

Return true to win PHP


DeepCopy is a PHP library that helps creating deep clones of PHP objects, useful when dealing with complex object graphs.

It is used by PHPUnit, which explains its popularity and the fact that it is installed more than 2.5M times per month.



php-enum is a library that adds Enums to PHP.

While there are several alternatives, this has become the most popular PHP implementation for enums. It is installed about 200,000 times per month.

php-enum is a website that helps understanding how well an open source project is maintained, via metrics and badges.

More than 1,000 repositories have been setup by users and are continuously analyzed to create reports and badges.

Is it maintained

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